Test Render

Completed August 2005

This is the current directive approach this film will take. Elements I will consider adding include:
- a background - sky and houses vs. a live action background (2D plates)
- piano accomp. instead of flute/violin

The pipeline was developed with the following steps for each shot:
1. Camera layout
2. Animation
3. Reevaluate camera layout
4. Lighting

5. Render
This process created the fastest turnaround per shot of .5 days/shot.
Quicktime format (11MB)

Problems which arose and need to be addressed:

- finger curling (local rotation axis)
- bound skin to chest
- UV done on the chest
- texture detail
- larger controls for pole vectors
- stretch on elbows & thighs
- custom GUI
- extended blendshapes
- Z-depth passes for camera blur
- better neck controls
- aim constraints for eyes
- low poly tubes
- low pass fog

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