About the Film



Based on a true story about a young boy and the entertainment he gets while wandering around the toy aisle.


Director Notes

As a 2nd generation immigrant from refugee parents, I had the interesting experience growing up in a Lao household, in a Canadian environment. This caused some interesting scenarios, from not being able to speak english in school, and have a lack of identity or true self. I didn't think of myself any different than those around me, but others saw me differently based on my physical appearance. These are some of the stories that taught me about who I am, and the way people perceive me.


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Duration 1:40
Process 2D Computer Animated
Language English
Start Date Feb 2017
Completion Date March 2019
Software Used Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Audition
Produced In USA




Created, Directed, and Produced by
Peter Chanthanakone

Layout Assistants
Tyler Gates
Miguel Garcia
Nim Kaufman

Peter - Michael Francis, Tyler
Girls - Keri Eastridge, Luli Gomez T.

Local Forecast - Elevator by Kevin MacLeod

Special Thanks
Andy Evans
Griffin Idleman