About the Film



Technology makes life easier, but not for Adam when he makes a brief stop to wash his hands.


Synopsis 2

Adam's on his way to his honeymoon when a brief stop at the restroom to wash his hands but there's one problem, he can't get the water faucet to work.


Synopsis 3

Washing your hands shouldn’t be this hard but when everything is touch free, you never know what is going to happen.  


Director Notes

The idea started from all the times I tried to wash my hands and the sensor never working! I began thinking to myself, am I real to this machine? Why is it that with most of these automated water faucets, I can't get them to work? This film is a collaboration with world renowned character designer Hiroshi Yoshii. Eight of his characters are in this film and a total of 31 add to the colorful world in outerspace.

The underlying theme of this work isn't overly obvious but the characters in Adam's world can be seen as a metaphor for the random, challenging events that can take place in one's life. Why is it that he can't get water out but the other characters, with their silly design and structure can handle life harmoniously. Adam is recently married and on his way to his honeymoon and living on a high. The untimely circumstance of dealing with a broken faucet seems minor to us and often times, we can easily blow a problem into something much bigger. Juxtaposing his ordeal with his wife waiting and then good fortune of getting a free, delicious cupcake, we are left to wonder if Adam will make the problem into an opportunity.



Duration 5:05
Process 3D Animated


Start Date August 2010
Completion Date March 2013
Funded By Grants and Research Funding (Southeast Missouri State University)
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA/Canada




Creation, Design, Directed & Animation by
Peter Chanthanakone

Lead Character Modelers
Travis Drillingas
Hiroshi Yoshii

Assistant Modelers
Chap Rakson
Ross Verseman

Assistant Rigging
Farley Chery

Compositing Consultant
Austin Johnson

Music & Sound Design
Rabby Teng

Husband - Peter Chanthanakone
Wife - Anne Marie Nest
Prompter - Kathleen Kaay

Special Thanks
The Story Advisory Board
(L. Hill, C. Vander Kay, S.Sen)
Sungjin Ahn
Redesign David
Kristen Degree
Andrew Evans
Tyler Fermelis
Jeremy Griffin
Allison Rutland
Faysal Jauffer Sadik
Casey Williams


Production Facts

# of revisions of the film 3
# of people who watched various cuts of the film 300+
# of story consultants, whose suggestions were considered 5
# of 3D shots 58
# of characters 31
Avg. # of hours to model and texture a character 4
Avg. # of minutes to rig a character 20
# of bathrooms photographed as references 5
# of people who worked on the production of the film (Professionals/Students) 11 (6/5)
# of shots cut


Rendered using: 18 Computers
17 Xeons (16GB RAM)
Intel i7 (24GB) 
Avg number of render passes (max, min) 4
Avg rendering time per frame (max, min)

15 minutes (30 minutes, 10 seconds)

Time to render the film in Maya in 1080HD (1 computer) 108, 0000 minutes or 75 days
Time to render the film with the 16 computer render farm 4.5 days
Avg # of times a shot is rendered in Maya 9
Number of soundtrack revisions 6+