About the Film



Three unlikely superheroes compete on TV to be crowned the World's Next Top Superhero!

Synopsis 2

The final episode showcases the 3 unlikely finalists to be crowned the World's Next Top Superhero!


Director Notes

I can't believe how many reality TVs that are floating around on TV that I decided to create a parody on the 'reality' shows. It really pokes fun at the formulaic properties of these shows by trying to extract emotion and narrative of the contestants, judges who love and hate the contestants and the attempt to recreate smoke and mirrors of these shows. In the end, the winners are manufactured, diluted and then forgotten.



Duration 7:35
Process 3D Animated
Language English
Start Date November 2012
Completion Date March 2015
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA/Canada/Thailand




Created, Directed & Produced by
Peter Chanthanakone

Script Writers
Landon Hill
Chris Vander Kaay
Kathleen Kaay
Michael Yetman

Mathew Held
Kasidej Hempromaraj
Jacquelyn Lucchesi
Megan Matthews

Piipezz Rumaii
David Senter

Animation Asst.
Jared Jewell

David Senter

Matt Gatsos

Sound Effects
Naoki Izumo

Cocoa Beware - Catherine Shook
Shirley Burns - Jenna Dugan
Simon Crowley, Tesla Einstein - Luke Millington-Drake
Host - Michael Yetman
Krystal Kat - Valeria Alejandra
Wonder Wilma - Anne Marie Nest
Husband - Peter Chanthanakone

Special Thanks
The Story Advisory Board
(L. Hill, C. Vander Kay, S.Sen)
Sungjin Ahn
Andrew Evans
Allison Rutland


Production Facts

# of revisions of the film 2
# of the script 22
# of people who watched the first cut in April 2013 120
# of critics 6
# of 3D shots 70
# of models  
# of textures  
# of weeks the rigger knew rigging in Maya before rigging 2
# of environments 5
# of auditions for voice overs 8
# studio members @ RiFF 35
# studio members @ RiFF who assisted 1
Rendered using: Maya Software
Avg number of render passes (max, min) 4, 1
Avg rendering time per frame (max, min) 35 min, 1 second
Time to render the film in Maya in 1080HD (1 computer) 340 hours
Time to render the film in After Effects in 1080HD (1 computer) 2 hours