About the Film



Imagining a utopian world where humans no longer exist and all our inventions and antiquities are left floating in outer space.


Director Notes

Science fiction has always been a staple in my work and my influences are heavy, from mainstream TV with Transformers, Hollywood movies like Interstellar. The idea of earth and its time limit made me wonder a lot of what will come of this planet. Are we the only ones who occupied Earth? Could there have been a more intelligent life form that was here millions of years ago and went on to explore the Universe? More recently, with global warming and the war of words between Trump and Kim Jong Un and the use of nuclear weapons made me wonder .... what could Earth look like in our future? I felt the use of VR and this topic fitting, since the viewer could be floating in outerspace with all the objects....and can discover them and reflect in their own isolation. Often times, one viewing isn't enough as there are many objects floating. How did I come up with these items? It came to what was accessible to me, during my travels the last 4 years.

Rendering with Arnold is very time consuming, so the film is being released in 720p first, then 1080p and finally in 4k using the HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster @ the University of Iowa.


Exhibition Schedule (Not current)

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Duration 3:15
Process VR 3D Animated
Language NA
Start Date Feb 2018
Completion Date October 2018
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA/Thailand




Created, Directed & Produced by
Peter Chanthanakone

Character Models by
Peder Goodman
Jose Manuel Garcia Alvarez
Ai Zhi

"The Way" by Zack Hemsey

Special Thanks
Sai Kumar Ramadugu


Production Facts

# of revisions of the film 9
# of photographs taken per model 20
# of environments 1
# of countries represented in environments 11 (USA, Canada, Lebanon, Italy, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Thailand, France, Egypt, )
Rendered using: Arnold Renderer
Avg number of render passes (max, min) 1
Avg rendering time per frame (720p, 4k) 12 min, 48 min
Time to render the film in After Effects in 1080HD (1 computer) 12 minutes