About the Film


Synopsis 1

Grandpa grumpy is summoned for a grocery run when he can't find any parking ... so he takes matters in his own hands.


Synopsis 2

An old man can't finding parking at the Supermarket, he finds a new way to get what he needs.


Director Notes

This film is in response to the huge mega department stores I always find myself in. After some ankle injuries, I began to realize how obnoxiously enormous these stores are. Not only are the stores gigantic, but also the parking lots. There's been plenty of moments of circling these lots trying to find a spot to park. So to pay homage to the craziness of commercialism and parking lot scarcity, Parking Gods was invented for your enjoyment,



Duration 4:00+
Process 3D Animated


Start Date October 2013
Completion Date April 2015
Funded By Independent - Self Funded
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA/Canada



Director, Producer, Story Peter Chanthanakone

Fei Zhengqing
Andrea Jackson


Jared Jewell

Musical Composer, Producer Matthew Gatsos
Voice Overs

Nate Wasson

Special Thanks

Production Facts

# of revisions of the film 2
# of people who watched the first cut in May 2014 60
# of critics 1
# of 3D shots 12
# of models 20
# of textures 0
# of graphics (logos, signs, etc) 60
# of environments 2
# of shots cut 3
Rendered using: Maya Software
Avg number of render passes (max, min) 4, 1
Avg rendering time per frame (max, min) 1 minute, 1 second
Time to render the film in Maya in 1080HD (1 computer) 20 hours
Time to render the film in After Effects in 1080HD (1 computer) 30 minutes