About the Film


Synopsis 1

When an energy depleted theme park closes its doors, one battery powered mascot from the park must rise to save them all.

Synopsis 2

When an energy depleted theme park closes its doors, one battery powered mascot from the park must rise to save them all. But while he's on his own search for survival, he uncovers some of his fallen friends and he'll decide whether life's worth living for or if he should sacrifice his last energy to spend one more day with them.

Director Notes

The film started off from a chat discussion with an old Canadian High school friend Josh Flowers who was living in China at the time. A rough idea came up after about a 30 min brainstorm of some themes I wanted to address, primarily with our current energy crisis and asking the question, what if renewable energy doesn't work?

I also wanted to make an experimental film, rather than a film with a clear narrative. However, after the first edit, the crowd had no idea what the film was about and I realized experimental films were not my strength or was the medium appropriate for that genre. So I spent the entire summer rebuilding the film, trying to salvage whatever shots I could. I shopped the film over to a close friend, Tun and his animation studio in Thailand to get other ideas and other mentors in the animation world. I rebuilt the story and after long discussions with other artists, friends and assistants, tightened up the story to finalize with the current film, a third revision.

Subconsciously, I built the story around other themes besides renewable energy. Sacrifice, friendships and loneliness are all sub themes of the film but it is also open to other interpretations. In my circumstance, I realized how much I missed the people that helped shape me and my childhood, one of discovery and innocence.



Duration 9:23
Process 3D Animated


Start Date February 2009
Completion Date January 2012
Funded By Grants and Research Funding (Southeast Missouri State University)
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA


Director, Producer, Story Peter Chanthanakone
Lead Modeler Chris Northcutt
Modeling Assistant

Kirk Lohmann

Pre viz Assistant Osby Tomlin
Graphic Design Assistants Michael Freezeland
Casey Williams
Musical Composer, Producer Rabby Teng
Voice Overs

Newscaster - Dick Withers
Jukebox - Osby Tomlin
Koala Kay - Aubrey Hampton
Chef Charlie - Chris Northcutt
Bee/Attendant - Peter Chanthanakone

Special Thanks

Travis Drilingas
Joshua Flowers
Krista Francis
Jeremy Griffin
Michal Gurrola
Brandon Hatcher
Nicole Wetherholt

Production Facts

# of revisions of the film 3
# of people who watched the first cut in May 2011 110+
# of critics 30+
# of 3D shots 121
# of models 180+
# of textures 1450+
# of graphics (logos, signs, etc) 380+
# of environments 9
# of people who modeled/Textured Jukebox 4
# of shots cut


Rendered using: 3 Computers
2008 Mac Pro (8GB)
Intel i7 (8GB)
AMD Phenom X6 1075 (12GB)
Avg number of render passes (max, min) 3 (7, 1)
Avg rendering time per frame (max, min)

45 seconds (5:30 seconds, 20 second)

Time to render the film in Maya in 1080HD (1 computer) 220 hours
Time to render the film in After Effects in 1080HD (1 computer) 8.5 hours