About the Film


Synopsis 1

A man interacts with flowers in ways that describe his life.


Synopsis 2

Flowers define this man's journey through life.


Director Notes

As I was standing at the grocery store looking at flowers to buy, I was overcome by a strange feeling. Ever since I could remember, I would buy flowers for people and the significance of the act of buying flowers can be so important. From the first rose I bought for someone, and their reaction by running away left an impression that made me appreciate how far I have matured. When I saw my great uncle in the hospital and bought flowers, it lifted his spirits.

Flowers are really beautiful and carry so much meaning from romance, celebration, romance, a get well, etc. As I finished purchasing for the flowers at the grocers, the woman at the cash gave me a full smile, as if to say that she was impressed. But you see people buying and receiving flowers everywhere. Some buy to try to patch up a problem, while others carry flowers at the airport, eagerly awaiting for their special someone. I wanted to create a film that follows a character and all the ups and downs of their lives and how flowers play an important role in it.



Duration 3:00+
Process 3D Animated


Start Date January 2015
Completion Date Projected: May 2016
Funded By Independent - Self Funded
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA/Canada



Director, Producer, Story Peter Chanthanakone

Fei Zhengqing
Andrea Jackson


Jared Jewell

Musical Composer, Producer Matthew Gatsos
Voice Overs

Special Thanks

Production Facts

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