About the Film



A beautiful National Park comes to life and reality becomes distorted.


Director Notes

Technology has always been one of the reasons I explored computer animation. As a researcher, it's exciting when the latest and greatest tools come to fruition. Augmented Reality is one of those new and exciting tools to use with computer animation to further push storytelling. When Christian Sandor, Associate Professor @ NAIST approached at Siggraph Asia 2017 about collaborating on an AR narrative, it seemed like the right time to experiment. The beautiful aspect of AR is that it is location specific, and with many sites in Japan or the world to choose, we narrowed it down to a place that has a long history of folklore, stories and fascination, the National Forest in Japan.


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Duration 6:00+
Process AR 3D Animated
Language English/Japanese
Start Date March 2018
Completion Date October 2019
Software Used Maya, Unity, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In USA/Thailand/Japan




Created, Directed & Produced by
Peter Chanthanakone and Christian Sandor

Character Models by


Special Thanks


Production Facts (NOT CURRENT)

# of revisions of the film 9
# of photographs taken per model 20
# of environments 1
# of countries represented in environments 11 (USA, Canada, Lebanon, Italy, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Thailand, France, Egypt, )
Rendered using: Arnold Renderer
Avg number of render passes (max, min) 1
Avg rendering time per frame (720p, 4k) 12 min, 48 min
Time to render the film in After Effects in 1080HD (1 computer) 12 minutes