The Cast

"The film could not have been completed without the help of some very dedicated and talented students." - Peter Chanthanakone

Jacob Cameron Dudley (Voice Over)

4th Grade, Elementary School
From Jackson, MO (pop. 11,947)

Hobbies: Wrestling, Football, Reading, Playing Video Games, Watching TV, Drawing, Playing Outside

Fondest Memory of the Project: Voice acting and working with Peter

Place you'd love to visit: Greece because of the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan

Fav. video games: Gears of War II (360)

Fav. T.V. Show: Family Guy


Michael Freezeland (Production Assistant, Flash Animator)

Senior, SEMO University
From Herrin, IL (pop. 11,835)

Flash Experience: 8 months
Premiere Experience: 8 months
After Effects Experience: 2 months

Hobbies: Hiking, Watching Anime, Playing Games, Spending time with friends

Fondest Memory of the Project: There are a few.
  1) Reworking the movie timeline to spread the storybook portion throughout the entire movie
  2) Bringing still drawings to life in Flash
  3) Eliminating the .TIFF files we used to use for scene rendering :)

Best experience you learned: On a project like this, you have to manage your time and spend it wisely. Be prepared for setbacks, and don't do things last minute. And programs will crash, so save often!

Future Goals: Thanks to this film, I've learned that helping in the production part of the movie is really great, so pursuing something like that would be awesome. Directing would be fun as well.

Most common thought while working on the film: "If Premiere crashes one more time. I'm going to punch this computer in the face." :)

Place you'd love to visit: Japan. I like anime and video games. I have a longstanding goal to go to an authentic ramen stand.

Fav. video games: Final Fantasy XIII (360)

Fav. T.V. Show: The Office

Final Thoughts: Working on a 3D film is really amazing. There's so much that goes in to the process, and there's so much to think about every step of the way. I absolutely have a new appreciation for films that companies such as Pixar make, now. You really have to budget your time and make the most of the limited time you DO have. Every element of the movie is important in some sense, so you should try to make it the best you can. If you're creating a dragon character, make it the best dragon you can! Same goes for production. If you're working heavily on production (as was my case), then give it your all and do your best to make sure everything is perfect. Don't be lazy! Overall, I'd say I've really enjoyed the experience, and I'm thankful that I've had the chance to do this. It's great experience for the working world.


Kirk Lohmann (3D Texturer & Modeler)

Senior, SEMO University
From: Cape Girardeau, MO (pop. 37,525)

Maya Experience: 12 months (at start of production)

Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Video Games

Fondest Memory of the Project: Seeing Project with Depth Map

Best experience I learned: Don't combine polygons that have different textures.

Future Goals: I hope to do texturing or 3D environment for a video game company.

Place I'd love to visit: Hawaii, for the golf and scuba diving!

Favorite Video Game: Halo

Chris Northcutt (Modeler)

Junior SEMO University
From Hannibal, MO POP.17,000

Maya Experience (at start of production): 2 months

Hobbies: Modding My Car and Working Out

Best Experience you learned: Never Ever, Let the outliner get out of hand
Fondest Memory of the project: Seeing your creations being brought to life, the amount of time it takes to create a simple glider!

Future Goals: Get my masters and continue 3D modeling

Place you'd love to visit: Australia

Fav. Movie: Boondock Saints

Tyler Paneitz (Modeler)

Sophmore, SEMO University (Now a Junior at UAT)
From Owensville, MO (pop. 2000)

Maya Experience (at start of production): 4 months

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Swimming, Hiking, Fighting the undead in Humans vs Zombies, Modeling

Fondest Memory of the Project: Concepting the rocket, was a fun night, as was modeling Buddy for the first time.

Best experience you learned: Basic organic modeling, lighting, texturing, the works, but mostly the modeling bit.

Future Goals: I've already advanced to a new school with more opportunities, though I miss working with the old team, I'd like to eventually end up at Valve. For now I'll settle for a big company doing character and prop modeling. I'd also like lead design a AAA title that I've been working on for a long time.

Place you'd love to visit: New Zealand, for the scenery, any of the Cletic regions for their hiking and beauty.

Fav. video game: Team Fortress 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Pysconauts, too many to list

Osby Tomlin (Voice Actor)

Senior, SEMO University
From Caruthersville, MO (pop. 6,200)

Hobbies: playing guitar, playing video games, photography, watching anime and hanging out with friends

Fondest Memory of the Project: first voice acting session with Peter and hearing his version of the dragon (hahaha)

Best experience you learned: working as a team, the concept of a 3D animation pipeline

Future Goals: opening and running a production studio

Place you'd love to visit: Spain, Japan, Ireland, England, Rome, etc.

Fav. video game: Final Fantasy 7