Gabriel's chocolate eating, carefree life is about to be turned upside down

Gabriel is called in to hear about his 'task' to become a man ...

Gabriel’s father begins to tell him the story for becoming a man ...

While Gabriel searches for the dragon, his excitement inside the cave gives him a bit of an accident ...

Exhausted and hungry, Gabriel finally finds the dragon, but will he stand a chance?

Gabriel returns from the cave alive! Or is this a dream?

Rigging Test - April 2009

Below is a short 30 second (3MB) video testing the Buddy Rig.

Major problems arose:
eye blinks are wrong (chain system?)
need yelling blendshape - semismile?
eyebrow blends missing
neck ctrl to neck joint is too small
paint weights on wrists/cuffs
arms are too short - stretchy IK
creepy, glassy eyes