About the Film


Synopsis 1

When a drawing of her partner disappears, Suzy goes on an epic journey through Bangkok Thailand to find him.

Synopsis 2

An animation studio is drawing a series of characters for a new love story. Suzie and Harold are the superhero couple who fight all the monsters to save the world but when the studio director throws out Harold, Suzie goes on an epic journey to search for Harold and put him back into the story.


Director Notes

Bangkok Thailand is a beautiful city full of chaos and beauty. You can enjoy the luxuries of a sky train to being confronted by a beggar with their baby all within steps of each other.Although it is a 3rd world country full of poverty and problems, it is one of the great metropolitian cities of the world. I wanted to use this setting in my newest animated short film.

After some visits with RIFF Animation Studio, the discussion of collaborating together became real and with Tun (Veeraptra) Jinanavin co-directing, we set on developing the story in the context of showcasing the beauty and chaos of Bangkok.



Duration 6:00+
Process 3D Animated


Start Date Dec 2013
Completion Date October 2014
Funded By Independent - Self Funded
Software Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Produced In Thailand



Director, Producer, Story Peter Chanthanakone
Sets Chris Northcutt
Character Modeler


Musical Composer, Producer Rabby Teng
Voice Overs

Special Thanks

Production Facts

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